Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

* All that we need from you to write a screenplay or logline is a clear input about exactly what you want. The more detailed it is, the more likely is it that our effort will be closer to your expectation.
* If you think you should talk to us, or to a screenwriter, to convey your thoughts about the project, that works fine too.
* We can expand any sort of input into an enjoyable screenplay.
* If you have some particular writer's/director's style in mind you may mention that.
* If you have any research material relevant to the subject, or an unfinished screenplay, or anything else, and feel that we should study those to know the subject of your book better, you can send those to us; though that is not mandatory.
* You need not be worried about the secrecy of your material, as there will anyways be a contract between you and us.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. While payments for projects worth less than $1,000 are taken as 100% advance, if your project value is over $1,000, you can go for installments:

1. 1/3 fees payable as advance to get your project started.
2. 1/3 payable on 33.33% work delivery
3. 1/3 payable on 66.66% work delivery.

What are the payment options?

1. PayPal
2. Credit or debit card, through PayPal,
3. Bank wire transfer
4. Western Union
5. MoneyGram
6. Instantcashworldwide
7. Xoom

Any discounts?

1. Discounts are available on lmulti-proejct orders.
2. 10% early decision discount is available on the total fees, if you come to a decision & get your project started within 7 days from your first mail/enquiry.

Is there a Non Disclosure Agreement?

There will be a standard Non Disclosure Agreement between you and us, which you can download by clicking here. You have to change the portions in red.

Who owns the copyright?
You will own the copyright of the screenplay once the fees are cleared.

Do I get work updates?
You will receive routine installments of the work once every 2 weeks. You can also call up or mail us if you want to see the progress at any stage.

What is the turnaround time?
A 100 page full length feature film screenplay is likely to be ready in 30 - 90 days depending on the budget of the movie.